“Heather was recommended to me for Design Services by Alison and Craig who own Alison and Craig Furnishings in Naples. I have been a long-time customer there and I knew they could recommend a very qualified person. I called Serrano Designs and Heather came to our home within two days. We purchased a 14-year-old home and wanted to do a major renovation and update inside and out. We were in way over our heads but when Heather came and looked around I knew she was the person for this big job. I liked the vision she had and I knew we needed someone with her experience and expertise to complete this job in our lifetime. Heather helped us transform every room in our home, New paint colors, New furniture, New Draperies, bedding, shutters, lighting and the list goes on and on. I loved how Heather guided me because I am not a decorator while still listening to what we wanted our home to be. I loved how she wasn’t afraid to tell me when I suggested something that wouldn’t work- ‘NO that is not a good idea but how about this or that’ I can tell you that when we walk into our home we LOVE it; we love every room. I would highly recommend Serrano Designs; I don’t think you will find anyone more qualified and who will work harder to get the job done. I would be happy to be a reference anytime.” -Mary Jean Peres

"My wife and I purchased a furnished condo in Naples Lakes Country Club in 2013.  Due to personal reasons we were not able to use it until the winter of 2014.  We were planning to come to our Naples condo in January 2015, but planned a short visit in November 2014 to set up our condo and purchase necessities to make the condo livable.  When we arrived we realized the furniture, accessories and overall appearance of the condo was much worse than we recalled.  Our original plan was to keep everything as is for a year or two before considering changes.  Unfortunately, we could not see keeping to that plan after looking over our homes overall feel.  A friend of ours suggested we touch base with Heather Serrano Designs and see what she might recommend.  We called Heather and as it happened her company was having an Open House the next night where current and future clients were invited to attend.  Heather suggested we drop by, look around and speak to some of her other clients. We did and were very impressed with her event planning and set up and how happy her previous clients were with her design work.  A few actually had Heather help them with projects at their homes in other states.  We set up an appointment with Heather and her staff and met at our condo to discuss options.  Not surprisingly, Heather saw how awful our condo was decorated and suggested how to replace, repaint and redecorate it within our budget.  We then met with Heather and in one day of intensive shopping we purchased Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen furniture in addition to several other pieces and accessories.  Heather planned replacement of our window treatments, ceiling fans, chandeliers and kitchen knobs and pulls.  In addition, Heather planned the repainting of our dark brown kitchen cabinets to a white lacquer and selected colors for the walls and ceiling.  The plan was to have our old furniture donated to charity or placed on consignment, have our condo repainted including all the kitchen cabinets and set up everything so that when we returned in early January everything would be finished.  That was a very aggressive plan with only six weeks from the time we left for home in Michigan until we returned after New Years.  Heather sent us emails with photos as the work progressed and when we arrived on January 4th, 2015 we found everything was completed and beautiful.  In addition, we had a fantastic living room rug, several artful accessories, custom pillows for our living room chairs, bench and couch and custom drapes for our dining room and door wall to the lanai.  We still have some bedrooms to redecorate and when our budget for those rooms is ready we will be calling Heather Serrano Designs again.  Last season we had some storm damage and had to repair and repaint our foyer and bathrooms, as well as replace a few lighting treatments.  Naturally, we had Heather take care of those items.  My wife and I could not be more pleased with the experience we have had with Heather and her staff and workers.  We have been married for 46 years and over the years we have dealt with many designers.  None have come close to Heather's ability to get things done on time and on budget while being as cordial and friendly as you can imagine.  Working with Heather and her staff is a pleasure and the results are fantastic.  I know my wife and I would recommend Heather Serrano Designs to anyone who wants a first class design experience and result."

- Russell & Nikki Kane

"We purchased a new spec home in The Moorings in Naples. The house needed chandeliers and pendant lighting, wall and coffered ceiling paint and embellishments, all bed duvets, pillows and window treatments, complete furniture and decor. Heather and her team truly listen and care about your project wishes. She is extremely talented and creative in all phases of your design goals. They are professional, friendly and adhere to the schedule. Heather achieved decorating our new home in Naples beyond our dreams, and as a bonus she added special family sentiments within her designs. We are absolutely thrilled with all the beautiful appointments she selected! It was such a pleasure to work with Heather and her Design Team!"

-Lynn Wedel

"We bought a 7500 square foot house that was 9 years old and heavily "Tuscan" style. We wanted a fresh, transitional style that still respected the architecture of the house and was kid friendly, to accommodate our 8+ grandchildren, all under 5. Heather was great at choosing durable fabrics for the living areas and ready-made, washable fabrics for the guest suites. We re-purposed many items and she helped us set priorities and develop a plan and priorities that suited our budget and long-term time frame. New light fixtures and fresh paint helped to give the house a whole new feel right away. Her contractors; painters, electricians, etc... were trustworthy and reliable. It's been one year and we're about half done and looking forward to the next phases. By the way, her assistant, Mia, is the best!"
-Barbara Shaughnessy